What is permalink in blogger?

What is permalink in blogger?

 Do you know what is permalink in blogger? Many people wonder what is permalink after all. So today we are going to talk about this only.

Have you just started blogging? And you will also be wondering what is this permanent link, so let's start today without wasting much of your time and tell what is permanent?

Internet or Google and whatever post you open, then the link and URL of US Post are called permanent links. Come on blogs have permanent links to every single post and even every single category.

Every permalink must have the name of your blog address.

Like if you talk about the name of my blog


This is called permanent link but this link does not expire on yaha When you write a post, it increases the size of the url and talks with your title. a great example


By doing something like this, your permanent link is created, then it all depends on the title of your post.

Some people's queries related to permalinks:

Permalink SEO is important:

  Permalink is an important part of any website or blog. There is a huge collection of keywords to bring search engines and visitors, so it is very important to use keywords in your blog. Search engine access is essential to index articles and bring in unique visitors.

  Friends, the search engine makes a lot of profit in your blog because this is how your article is indexed and you can get good traffic.

  Friends, now let's talk that because permanent link is important for SEO, then friends permanent link is made according to your title and you can change it as per your wish. What title is your blog on and the chances of your article getting indexed also increase.

Ways to Write SEO Optimized Permalinks:

  It is very important that you should know how to write SEO optimized so that if you want to rank your article, then friends come in many more ways so that you do something in the article.

1.Focus on keywords:

The search engine has needed a lot of focus keywords because friends, apart from the search engine, you cannot rank your articles. 

  Friends, whenever you write an article, let me talk about what is permalink in blogger? So friends, I have to put this line in my article to work well on 5-6 worlds, so that the article ranks well and traffic also starts coming, then friends, if you are writing a post, then give it a title. Must be at least 5-6 times pulse. When your article can rank and you can get good traffic if your article is well written.

  2. Short URL:

  Friends, now you will think that how can we make short ur, then let me make you clear about it.
  For example:https://knowledgewithnotes.online/What is Permalink in Blogger toh dosto iss tareeke ke url is not good then let me tell you.

  https://knowledgewithnotes.online/what-permalink-blogger Friends, if the permalink of this date's blog ranks higher, then you should try to make such a permanent link.

3.Delete meaning less slug: 

Now many of you will say that what is the meaning of less slug, then we also make you completely clear about it so that you do not have any trouble.

  Friends, we will be sitting for you to help us, if you have any problem related to blogging, contact us, our insta id whose user id is worldfacts hindj friends, when you do a search on you, you will find it is possible related to blogging.

  So let's tell about the meaning less slug, then friends, you do not get to see this problem in blogger, but there are many people who are working on wordpress, so it is necessary to tell them a lot of words which means less slugs. A date is the number of your blog post at the end of the url, which does not make any sense, so you can easily remove it without any inside and without permalink -11 Some such dates will be seen A and friends you People can easily remove it without any hassle, but friends, those who use blogger will get to see its problem.

 4. Do not use stop and unusual words:

  All of you people do not have to use unusual words i.e. a, in, have, this search console does not find the solution to your blogspot and at the same time there is a problem in indexing.

How to use permalink in blogger:

What is permalink in blogger

Friends, it is very easy to use it, so let's talk about it, friends, first of all, you have to click on the setting button showing on the side of blogger post.

  Then after that you will see the option of permalink, after that when you click on permalink you will get to see default permalink and custom permalink companion default permalink is the link which is made from the title of your post but if click on custom If so, then you can make a link of yours so that your article can be indexed quickly, friends, you have to keep in mind one thing that you do not have to use unusual words like words are, such, or are small and are small, do not use If you use these short words, your blog's link will become bigger, due to which I also have the power to rank.

Is it impossible to edit a permalink after upload a post:

So guys in today's blog we talked about what is permalink in blogger but many people says this why you not make article on wordpress so my friends the reasons is we cannot use the wordpress and wordpress is too much expensive and we have not a budget to buy a hosting. that's why we did not make the blog on wordpress topic

So let's get started is it impossible to edit a permalink after upload a post.So my friends this is not impossible it will change but if you changed the permalink so may be your blog rank decreased so that why this is not possible to change permalink without reason.

  Conclusion: Friends, if you find this post a little bit of help, then you must share this post with your friends who are blogging then want to do blogging, then friends, I hope you will get this post and we will do it for you. Will continue to bring similar posts till then stay connected with me on Instagram

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