What is Bizgurukul? What is Bijgurukul and how to earn money from it Bizgurukul Honest Review 2023

 What is Bizgurukul | What is Bizgurukul and how to earn money from it Bizgurukul Honest Review 2023
What is Bizgurukul  | what is bizgurukul
What is Bizgurukul | What is Bizgurukul and how to earn money from it| How Much Does Bizgurukul Pay?
What is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing? 

If you are looking for such an affiliate program, in which you do not need any website or any YouTube channel with more followers. And your earning should be more and your hard work should also be less. With Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing you can earn 60 to 70% of your commission. Stay connected with this blog post for full information about it.

The affiliate marketing you will learn about in this post is Bizgurukul. On hearing the name of Bizgurukul, many questions must be coming in your mind such as

1.What is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing? What is Bizgurukul affiliate marketing 

 2.How does Bizgurukul work?

 3.How to earn money from Bizgurukul? 

You will get to know this question and the answers of all such questions in this blog post, then this blog post can be a bit long and after reading this blog post you will get complete information about Bizgurukul and you will have to read this post. After that there will be no need to read any post. In this blog post I have written Bizgurukul affiliate marketing honest review which I myself have used this affiliate program.

Bizgurukul is an e-learning platform that provides you skill development courses and training to earn money from social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

Meaning of Bizgurukul || Meaning of Bizgurukul

Bizgurukul is made up of two different words Biz and Gurukul. Biz means Business and Gurukul means School i.e. Bizgurukul means School of Business.

There are many types of video courses available on Bizgurukul such as Personality Development, English Spoken Course, Digital Marketing Masterminds, Video Superstar, Public Speaker which you can earn a lot of money from Sikh.

Bizgurukul also gives a chance to do Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing to its customers who buy their video courses and promote these courses through their Affiliate Link and share it with other people and when that person in front buys this course. So here you get 50% to 70% commission on every purchase.

Is Bizgurukul Real Or Fake|Bizgurukul is real or fake?

Before joining Bizgurukul, many questions must be coming in your mind regarding Bizgurukul Real Or Fake. And you would like to know whether Bizgurukul is real or fake, then let me tell you that Bizgurukul is not Fake but a Real and Genuine Platform from where you can learn the skill of earning a lot of money. The best thing is that people from here have millions of rupees. Earning that and you can do it too.

Bizgurukul is a GST Registered Proprietorship Firm that is Bizgurukul Pvt. Ltd. Registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs New Delhi under the Companies Act, 2013, which you can see yourself in the photo given below-

What is Bizgurukul  || What is Bijgurukul and how to earn money from it.

If you still do not believe, then you can go to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and search the company name and see the result.

Bizgurukul Courses:-

Bizgurukul has three types of products (Digital) and many courses are also available inside that product, you can change your life by learning these courses, you must learn these courses!

This is the 3 courses of Bizgurukul:-

Gold Course

Sapphire Course

Platinum Course

The first product that is there is Gold Course. The price of this product is Rs.3499 and there are many courses available in this product which are given below.

Bizgurukul gold course:







All the courses mentioned above are currently available in Bizgurukul Gold Product, in future, apart from these courses, many more courses will be added to it which are given below-





Complete information about these courses is given by Bizgurukul team on Zoom App video call.

Sapphire Course:

The name of the product which is at number two is SAPPHIRE. The total price of this product is Rs.5999. Inside this product you will find all the courses of Bizgurukul GOLD Product which are mentioned below-

Bizgurukul Sapphire course







Bizgurukul Sapphire Course:



In Bizgurukul Platinum Product, you will get all the courses of GOLD Product and Bizgurukul SAPPHIRE Product, apart from this you will get some more courses. Which has been told about-

Master Public Speaker

All the courses mentioned above are currently available in Bizgurukul Platinum Product, in future, many more courses will be added to it, which are mentioned below-

Copywriting Mastery

Email Marketing Mastermind

Advance YouTube Mastermind

I hope you have got complete information about their courses, if still you have some doubts, then contact us on Instagram.

Why Bizgurukul is Better than Others ||

There are many things that make Bizgurukul better than other Affiliate Programs, which are explained in detail below-

Valuable & Skills Courses-

 The best thing about Bizgurukul is that here you are taught skills to earn money which will help you to earn money in future. Bizgurukul's course is very beneficial, if you learn this course then your earning is sure.

High Payout Commission-

 Bizgurukul Affiliate gives you more than 60% commission on every purchase which is much higher than other Affiliate Program. That is, here you can earn from 2,000 to 7000 rupees from a single referral.

Free Training –

Bizgurukul also provides free training for its customers through Zoom video calls, which you can join and make your own strong community.


 Bizgurukul respects customers, team members, associates and service partners with all the heart. And even after asking any Doubt again and again, he solves it with love and respect.

Bizgurukul is such a big company

More than 100 Trainers are available in Bizgurukul.

More than 300 trainings are available in this.

Bizgurukul is functioning in more than 400 cities.

There are more than 40,000 Learners and Earners on Bizgurukul.

Bizgurukul has distributed more than 9 crore Affiliate Commission.

Now we know how to earn money from Bizgurukul?

 How to earn money from Bizgurukul?

On Bizgurukul, you can earn very well by learning the course and also you can earn good earning by Affiliate.

On hearing the name of the Affiliate, the question must have come in your mind that how is that Affiliate? So don't worry, I will tell you in full detail.

What is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing? , What is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing?

Bizgurukul is giving very high commission for referral to make itself big and popular. Which we can take advantage of.

As when you buy any product of Bizgurukul and we send the same product to someone from our referral link and that person buys any one product, then we get 60% commission. For example, if someone buys a Bizgurukul Gold Course (Rs-3499) product from our referral link, then you will get a commission of Rs.2000.

Bizgurukul Affiliate Commission || How much commission does Bijgurukul give?

Bizgurukul pays different commission on the referral of all three products GOLD, SAPPHIRE and PLATINUM which are explained in detail below.

On getting started with Gold Course:

If you start Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing with Gold and you sell Gold, Sapphire, and Platinum any of these three courses through your Affiliate Link, then you will get a commission of Rs 2,000 on each sale.

On getting started with Sapphire Course:

If you start Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing with Sapphire Course and you sell Gold Course through your Affiliate Link, then you will get a commission of Rs 2000 on each Sell and Sapphire and Platinum Courses are sold. 4000 will get commission.

Starting with Platinum:

If you start Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing with Platinum Course and you sell Gold Course through your Affiliate Link, then you will get a commission of 2000 rupees on each sell and if Sapphire course is sold then you will get 4000 on each sell. A commission of Rs.

 How to register inbBizgurukul?

After getting the complete information about Bizgurukul, if you want to buy Bizgurukul Course, then you can buy it from the affiliate link given below.

Now you must be thinking that why should we buy from this link i.e. what will be the benefit to you from it. So for your information, let me tell you that if you want to buy this course from anywhere, its rate will remain the same. And if you buy the course from our affiliate link then you become our customer and we will help you fully through whatsapp chat and call i.e. how to make referral and how you can earn maximum money from it.

And if you want to get some more information about this, then you can message on Instagram given below, you will be given complete information about it.

Bizgurukul Honest Review || Bizgurukul Honest Review:

It has been told in many videos on YouTube and Instagram that Bizgurukul is a scam, so friends, let me tell you that this is not a scam but a Genuine Platform from where you can learn and in today's time there is a chance for all of us. Earn as much as you can because Bizgurukul is currently giving a big commission to enlarge its platform, which will get reduced after it becomes more popular. So I believe that you should not miss this opportunity to earn money. And for this reason I have also bought this course and I am sure that I will earn a lot from it. And if you also believe in yourself that you can, then definitely buy.

How Much Does Bizgurukul Pay?

Bizgurukul, a renowned business training platform, has been making waves in the entrepreneurial world with its array of courses and programs. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike are drawn to the platform's promise of empowering knowledge and skill development. While many are curious about the potential benefits of joining Bizgurukul, one question looms large: "How much does Bizgurukul pay?"

Firstly, Bizgurukul's pay structure will vary depending on the role you play within the organization. For example, instructors or trainers delivering courses may have a different payment plan than administrative staff. Salaries are often based on factors such as the candidate's experience, expertise, and qualifications relevant to the role they are applying for.

Geographical location can also play a pivotal role in determining compensation. Employees based in regions with a higher cost of living or stronger business demand may receive higher pay compared to those in areas with a lower cost of living.

Furthermore, as Bizgurukul continues to grow and expand its reach, the compensation packages they offer may evolve as well. Incentives and benefits, such as performance bonuses, health insurance, or professional development opportunities, could also be part of the overall remuneration package.

For prospective employees or collaborators eager to know about Bizgurukul's current pay rates, the best course of action is to visit their official website or reach out directly to their HR department. This proactive approach allows individuals to gather accurate and updated information specific to their area of interest.

In conclusion, while I cannot provide exact salary figures for Bizgurukul at this moment, I hope this overview helps in understanding the various factors that can influence their pay structure. In order for anyone looking to embark on a career journey with Bizgurukul or collaborate with this thriving platform, it is essential that he or she researches and connects with them directly so as to grasp the most recent information regarding the compensation structure and discover the exciting opportunities they are providing.


In the fast-paced digital age, education is undergoing a transformative journey, and one platform that has been making waves is "IzGurukul." With its innovative approach and commitment to empowering learners worldwide, IzGurukul is changing the landscape of online education. In this article, we will explore the essence of IzGurukul, its unique features, and how it is redefining the learning experience for students and professionals alike.

The Emergence of Izgurukul:

IzGurukul was founded on the belief that quality education should be accessible to all, regardless of geographical boundaries or economic backgrounds. It emerged as an online learning platform that caters to a diverse audience, from school students seeking supplemental resources to working professionals looking to upskill or transition into new domains. The platform's inception was driven by a team of visionary educators and tech enthusiasts who understood the potential of technology in transforming education.

Key Features of IzGurukul:

a. Interactive Learning Experience: IzGurukul takes pride in its engaging and interactive learning approach. Through live classes, webinars, and virtual classrooms, students can actively participate, ask questions, and collaborate with peers and instructors in real-time.

b. Expert Faculty: The success of any learning platform lies in the quality of its instructors. IzGurukul boasts a roster of highly qualified and experienced educators who are passionate about their subjects and are adept at delivering knowledge effectively.

c. Diverse Course Catalogue: From academic subjects to skill-based courses, IzGurukul offers a diverse range of programmes. Students can explore subjects like mathematics, science, languages, arts, and beyond, as well as professional development courses like digital marketing, data science, coding, and more.

d. Personalized Learning Paths: Understanding that each learner has unique needs, IzGurukul employs AI-driven algorithms to create personalized learning paths for students. This ensures that learners progress at their own pace and focus on areas where they need improvement.

The Technology Behind IzGurukul:

Central to IzGurukul's success is its cutting-edge technology infrastructure. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior, learning patterns, and preferences. This data-driven approach enables IzGurukul to continuously refine its content and delivery, resulting in a more efficient and effective learning experience.

Community and Collaboration:

IzGurukul fosters a strong sense of community among its learners. Through discussion forums, virtual study groups, and social networking features, students can interact with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and support each other. This collaborative environment enhances the overall learning experience and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Breaking Geographical Barriers:

One of the most significant advantages of IzGurukul is its ability to transcend geographical barriers. Students from different parts of the world can access the same high-quality education, democratizing learning and promoting cross-cultural understanding

Industry-Ready Skills:

In response to the demands of the ever-changing job market, IzGurukul offers courses designed to equip learners with practical, industry-ready skills. By collaborating with industry experts and employers, the platform ensures that its programs align with the latest market trends and employer requirements.

Continuous Learning and Upskilling:

IzGurukul emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning. It encourages learners to pursue continuous education and upskilling throughout their lives, enabling them to stay competitive in the job market and adapt to emerging technologies and industries.


IzGurukul's commitment to providing accessible, interactive, and personalized education makes it a transformative force in the digital age. By combining cutting-edge technology, expert faculty, and a collaborative learning environment, the platform empowers learners worldwide. As IzGurukul continues to evolve and adapt, it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education and paving the way for a more knowledgeable and skilled global community.


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